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The Melina Collection is a contemporary restatement of a timeless “abat-jour”: simple in its form and rich in details. Entirely handmade using the finest materials and exceptional craftsmanship, Melina collection features an unpretentious versatility. The artisanal lampshade is placed over a stylish metal frame, an exemplary model of Italian savoir-faire. Versions: Melina table, applique, floor and pendant lamp. Available also in chandelier form.


A unique shape with many variants, Bacca gains body and character through the combination of sophisticated materials: it is an exquisite glass bubble resting ona cylindrical body made of either marble or wood, expressing a genuine artisanal savoir-faire, in a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. 


Two bodies harmoniously connected, a subtle short-wide blown glass bubble resting on a robust yet delicate roundish metal base: Isabella,a lamp easily recognized by its soft shape and timeless elegance, conceived from the union between the mastery of glassblowing tradition and metal craftsmanship, which makes each piece unique.


Remarkable by its sculptural and sinuous lines, the MyK lamp expresses all of its elegance and harmony in an exquisite twisted shape. The key element is the glass, shaped to give life to MyK through a poetic language that makes it a symbol of timeless avant-gardism. The light spreads harmoniously from both the lampshade and the ring base.